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[15 Jan 2003|03:45pm]
*sigh* I feel like i'm ignored, or being used. whatever one...Sheila seemed to open up a little bit today towards me..but not much.

Whenever Chantel hasn't done her homework (which is usually all the time), she asks ME to help. And that's basically the only time she would talk to me...i try and get into a convo with her, but then someone would come along and drag her away..

Elisa is being rude to me. When I walked with Chantel down to the caf, we met up with Elisa. She said hi to chantel, but didn't even give me a glance. I figured there was nothing I could do, so I left. and BEFORE that, when I was talking to chantel a couple months back, Elisa came up and pulled her aside. I didn't have a chance to tell her anything either. And it's not like I wanna pick a fight with her anyways. 'Sides, it'll be stupid. Like, what could I say? I'd be so embarrased if I just tell everyone my THEORIES. They're not facts.

Lets see..I have to finish my speech for Friday, I have current events due tomorrow...math due friday, but i wanna get that started...tech center on monday, math test on tuesday...geog test on tuesday..i think...history test a week later, on the 27th, science test on the 28, and science project due on the 31st.

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[14 Jan 2003|07:25pm]
[ mood | distressed ]


not much is happening...it's the same at school like always..each day i'm just apart of the background...trailing after my so called 'friends'...most of them just ignore me. Maybe it's just me..i dunno...it's not like i'm mad at them or anything...just a lil hurt, confused, and not sure what's going on.

I'm getting more and more into Wicca. I think it's really awesome! I can't wait to go to the library and get more books on it...all of the info i've gotten about it has come from the internet so far.

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... [07 Jan 2003|06:31pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Yesh...I haven't posted much...that's because Dad put up this thing so the window closes whenever I try and get onto livejournal. mufh. Anyways, got a new computer for christmas, and so I can finally get into my LJ and such now. yay...-.-;

I will not be posting much anyways now, so it doesn't really matter. 'Rents found out some stuff that you will not know about...*shifty eyes* and so i'm not really supposed to be on LJ...even tho they never told me I could or couldn't, I know better. 'Sides, I got my own paper, one-day page diary. whee. fun. oh well.

Guess I'll just use LJ for my book of shadows for now...yes...i'm interested in Wicca...and have been for about a month now...but all I'm doing is studying it. i guess i'll just post a little bit of what's going on, and then the rest...well...we'll see what happens.. -.-;

Anyways..here's the reason why i'm a lil uptight..which is the understatement of the year...

lets see.. kinda lost all of my old friends from grade 7...some of them, i'm still friends with...just barely really though, 'sides some of the guys in the class, like Russell, and Kay..but even Kay... *shakes head*

The group I'm 'in' with now, is a smart/pretty/I think popular group. I mean...they're like...perfect. Not snobby or anything though....c'ept maybe Sheila..she's not trustworthy and such, but of course, i'm smart enough not to say anything at school. unfortunitly, even though I was 'accepted' into the group because I was one of Chantelle's good friends when she was down, and a mean rumour was spreading 'bout her, I still feel like i'm not included and such...this has been going on for a couple of months now. oh well.

New girl at school today. Her name is Chelsea or something. not sure how to spell it. *shrugs* she seems nice enough and such. been hanging 'round Sheila, of course, so, like usually, I follow her and such. Chelsea is quite nice...she's into rap and punk, and swimming, like me...but hey...she's new. that might not be her. I wouldn't know.

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[28 Aug 2002|01:31pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Yay! *jumps up and down wildly* I passed my Bronze Med. exam!!! WOOOHOO! And it was so damn easy too! The only question I got was "What is the ladder approach", and even though I was overly-hyper (it's my way of gettin' nervous X_X) the words just came outta my mouth so fast and easily!


And then we had to do CRP and then rescues. It was SO EASY! No choking stuff or anything else either! It was awesome! I only got one weak though, because Brad or Erik gave me some imaginary hot chocolate for my unconcious, hypothermia victim. so, when I was called in to get my results, they were like "How do you give hot chocolate to someone who's unconcious" and I was all like "You can't" Duh. Anyways, It counted as a weak, but it doesn't matter! I still passed, and i'm happy! ^-^

When I left to go to my exam, my aunt from toronto came over and dropped off Lucy, their little dog. It's really cute! We're only keeping her until friday tho, since we're gonna leave for camping. Boots has been very good about Lucy so far. and I have notice i'm very over-protective of him...Is that a good or bad thing? X.O

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[27 Aug 2002|04:43pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

OW! My finger. My poor finger. I'm just so glad that I can even type! Today I got stung by a frickin' wasp. I went to wash my hands in the bathroom, and kathleen was already there. I looked in the mirror, and saw something stuck in my hair. I raised my hand and tried to swipe it away, and then it stung me, and I noticed it was a frickin' wasp. It hurt like hell! I seemed to have a minor reaction to it. My face turned all red and I got a headache, but that's about it. Damn those wasps...they're gonna get it when I go camping on the laborday weekend! XD

I got the Bronze Med. exam today! WISH ME GOOD LUCK PLEASE! I think i'll need it X_X

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Aaliyah [26 Aug 2002|01:04pm]
I don't know if you guys realized this, but it has been one year since Aaliyah's passing in that horrible plan crash ;___;. Rest In Peace Aaliyah...
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[24 Aug 2002|06:09pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! We went to Mic Mac Park today for a party with the Dogo (Aikido). It was fun, but not a lot of people came because of the weather. It didn't really rain though, but I still didn't bother going on the water slides, although Brian had wanted me too. :P Ah well. I spent a good time talking to Penny, Tony, Stan and Brian about music, MP3s, computers, and movies. Brian wants me to go see a movie with him tomorrow. ha. the problem is getting there. He doesn't drive a car yet, and so he rollerblades there. Unfortunitly, where I live, it's a LONG way, and there's no real sidewalks on the express way to blade --'...


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[23 Aug 2002|04:02pm]
weee...I had a hair appointment today ^_^ It's now lighter then before, and you can hardly tell I streaked it (sept on one side X_X) and Anne also curled it. it's awesome! now if only mom will let me use our curling iron...hmm...

I'll take a pic of myself when Dad gets back from scotland. I have no idea where the digital camcorder is X_X

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[21 Aug 2002|10:21am]
[ mood | relieved ]

*blink* I did sorta good on my test, I think, although i didn't know what the aims or the motto of the life-saving programmy thing, or the vitals. Well, I know the vitals, i just forgot what they were. I was so worked up! whenever i'm nervous, i'm not nervous. I'm just overly-hyper and then start to hyperventalate....umm...yah. I think i did well o_______X

I stayed an extra 15 minutes or so to work on removals and such. Unfortunitly, Mom gave no sign of knowing that she had heard my messages, since she wasn't there the times that i called her, so i was waiting in the sun room (which was FREEZING!) for over 15 minutes! Not fair...then she had to get me EARLY! Ah well...I slept till 10 AM today...*yawn*

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[20 Aug 2002|05:26pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

OK! I'm just back for dinner. I went to the classes for Oibjway park today, so this was my only chance to get onto the computer. I've been studing for my Bronze Med. pre-test a lot! if I do well on this test, the examminer won't what for me to make any mistakes when I'm doing say...CPR to my parent or something, and if I do poorly, then they can see i'm just nervous...and now, hitting my head yet again when I was getting up from the closet, isn't making things any better!

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[19 Aug 2002|05:33pm]
Hannah called me just right now! she invited me to spend the night with her and Kay, watching 'Blue Crush'. I SO wanted to see that! But unfortunitly, I couldn't get a ride and my mom had said she spent enough time out, so I couldn't go. Anyways, Hannah's folks will probably going to the Pinery for camping as well, so maybe we'll be able to combine it...hopefully. I'll have to talk to Sensei Patricia about that...

Hannah said something about me sounding more 'mature'...Cool! I hope that's a good thing...o__O

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[19 Aug 2002|05:20pm]
[ mood | busy ]

OMG! I got some awesome jeans! you know the bleached striped, tight ones? ones that the stripes go down the sides, and then ones that are bleached and all in the front and back with the lighter lines and all, and then the same at the bottom? I got three pairs like that, and only one shirt, unfortunitly. It's a flower blue, long-sleeved shirt that's light blue and turns to navy at the end of it, with diamond studds everywhere. It's awesome! I might lend it to Sarah, depending on how i'm feeling that day because it goes with her jeans, which I would have got too if they weren't too small. I'm like a size 12-14 in the kids, and a size 1 or sumthin' for ladies. I gotta go for dinner really soon, and then I have to study for my Bronze Med. test! I really hope I do well for this AND the exam....

I just CAN'T wait till school!

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[19 Aug 2002|10:17am]
[ mood | My head hurts - excited ]

Ouch! My head hurts..and no, it's not because i have a headache from watching 3 straight hours of Fresh Prince. During dinner yesterday, Sarah said something hilarious, and I had milk in my mouth. I ran to the skin, not noticing where the heck the tap was. Anyways, i'm sure you guess it. I flung my head forward, spitting out the milk yet hitting smack down in the middle of my forehead by the tap. It hurts like hell! 'specially when you touch it X___X

Anyways...I took a shower last night too, and by accident, I seemed to put too much coniditoner in my hair. It didn't rinse quite well, so when I was blow-drying it, it felt stiff, like i just put some hair spray in it or something. But when I looked in the mirror, my hair looked soft, like Soimone's hair from "Passions". So, here are my options:

Put too much coniditioner in and make it look soft or
Put just the right amount to make it look really shinny.

I really dunno. I like how they both look. I guess i'll just rotate every two days or sumthin'...

Weee! We're gonna go shopping today! I can't wait till i get my heads on those jeans i want! You know, the tight jeans with bleached tiger stripes going down the sides...? My favourite store just HAS to be Urban Chic! It has everything! ^_________^

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[18 Aug 2002|02:13pm]
Ekk! I need help! there's something wrong for the friends view, and i don't know how to customize the scroll bar! can ya help me?
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[18 Aug 2002|01:12pm]
[ mood | working ]

Blah. I'm trying to re-do my entire LJ...You know, an optimistic, excited, "cherry red" start back to school and having a good year and all! Uh...i'm still working on it, and if you can give me any ideas or html or something, please do!

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[16 Aug 2002|12:21pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

In two day so so, Dad's gonna go to Scotland for work. Why is he always going somewhere? It's not fair...TAKE ME WITH YOU DAD!!!

*cough* Ahem...anyways....

16 days till school! YUPPIE! I can't wait! EKK! Must..Go...Shopping! I hope Hannah can come with me ^____________________^ I want to get those bleached tiger-striped jeans. Hopefully they have some tight ones that are long enough and actually fit around my waist!

On the long weekend, right before school, we're gonna go camping. I hope Hannah can come with us. My dad already agreed, and so i'm sure her parents will let her as well ^___________________________________________________________________^

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[16 Aug 2002|11:21am]
[ mood | bored ]

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Pic! [15 Aug 2002|03:09pm]
[ mood | bored ]

click here to see my pic!Collapse ) Lets see...it goes Kay, Hannah, Me (the one in the blue shirt and crown XD) Elisa *cough*, Annie, then infront of her is Loan, and then Beth, the one wearing all the black and the red cape (ugh...i'm not very fond of her now x________X That's one of my groups that I was usually in for the beginning of the year, but i've changed...I don't even look like that that much anymore!)
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[14 Aug 2002|11:55am]

which song describes you the best?

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[12 Aug 2002|10:52am]

Which Avril Lavigne Song Are You?
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